🎉    We just released our middleware API for builders, aggregating all Web3 social.  Start Building.

Create your Web3
Smart Profile

The new cross chain standard for all your Web3 interactions.
For individuals and communities.

The New Standard

Empowering users to navigate with confidence

Your Last Digital ID is already here

Link your wallet address, ENS, Unstoppable domain, and more

to your email address or register a username.

The fastest registration with a unique username or email

Manage all your IDs from one spot, and own it for life

Manage all chain addresses
from one place.

Build your profile and use it

Apps to improve your everyday
web3 experince.

Built on top of redefined: Connect aggregation API
powering your ultimate experience today.

We Support Developers

Lean back and focus on your core business, we are taking care of aggregating all Web3 social IDs, domains, name services and credentials for you with our Web3 Connect API & SDK.

Easy Integration, Lightning-fast results

Elevate your app with redefined's 99.9% uptime and <40ms response time, freeing you to craft exceptional experiences.

No one-by-one integration anymore

Embrace the booming Web3 name services realm – whether on EVM, L1s, L2s, non-EVM, we've got you fully covered.

Only Human readable addresses

Sculpt user journeys to perfection. Seamlessly match names to addresses and back, curating an unparalleled user odyssey.

Use a dedicated identity infrastructure

Empower your data arsenal. Harness redefined's dedicated resolver infrastructure for EVM and non-EVM user name data from key providers.

A framework to self onboard today

We're unifying fragmentation. By allowing new providers to onboard their services seamlessly to redefined's Connect aggregator.

A powerful Web3 onboarding tool

Stay tuned for the imminent unveiling of our effortless onboarding solution, bridging web2 to web3 with finesse.

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